Judged by Live Journal

I keep several blogs in addition to this one.  One of them serves as the reflexive journal for my research project.  Since I wanted choices about privacy and sharing, I went with Live Journal.  I have been using it for the past year and am happy with it.  My only friend is my advisor because I started the journal as a class assignment so she needed access.  But, now my posts are completely private.

I had not posted for awhile but now that the proposal process is heating up, I wanted to record some thoughts and questions.  When I logged in, my LJ homepage informed me that I “only” have one friend.  And then helpfully provided a link to organizations where I presumably could find friends.  It was like having your mother appear at the door of room, urging you to get out and meet some people, maybe join a club or something.

But, I have LOTS of friends, I wanted to say to LJ.  And, if I don’t, it’s because I’m happy with it that way.  I don’t want to discuss model rockets or the best recipes for meatloaf…at least not here.  I actually do that other places but LJ is where I just want to tuck myself in the corner, shielding my paper from others’ views and write.  In an increasingly public world, we may need to carve out space for private thoughts in the network.  That’s what I’ve done in LJ; I just didn’t expect to be judged wanting because of that desire for privacy.


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