Yet Another Video

Found a link to this video in my delicious account:

I don’t really disagree with any of the sentiments expressed. After all, it simply asks questions, encouraging educators to think about their practice. But I do think there is an implied criticism, perhaps. One question asks, “What do your students create?” Well, when I was still teaching my kids created a lot of stuff; some of it was digital but lots of it was physical. They made book covers, dioramas, mobiles and posters. If I were still in the classroom, I suppose I would be doing more digital creation, but I would still want my students to make physical things, too.

But there are a couple issues. One is the text-based nature of the video. Why not save the bandwidth and just turn this into a webpage? I guess videos are preferable because they can be shown in workshops and as part of presentations, but seven minutes of text on the screen is too much. Is that because the creator is considering the audience and assuming that because they are old teachers, they would prefer reading? Personally, as an old teacher, I would like some graphics.

Here’s my main issue, though: where are the teacher voices? Don’t they get any kind of say in this whole thing? Do students have no responsibility for learning?

And, then, there’s that statement: perhaps they wouldn’t hate school if they could use their iPods in class. Perhaps…but I think the abysmal drop out rate in our country is a bit more complicated than that. And, let’s just consider a couple assumptions here: every student has an iPod, schools have the resources to give students an iPod, teachers have received the training and support they need to integrate iPods effectively and efficiently in their classrooms. Lots of questions that don’t get considered.

And, maybe, that’s the ultimate point of the video: get people discussing the role of technology in education. Thanks to jsd4 for prompting that conversation.


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