On blogging, communities, etc.

I was sort of surprised when I came to this blog only to discover that I haven’t posted since early June.  I have plenty of excuses; the main one is that I’ve been doing a lot of posting over at the Classroom 2.0 community at ning.com.  After years of sending my posts into cyberspace and getting little or no feedback, I posted at Classroom 2.0 and got immediate feedback.  So, that’s where I’ve been doing my work.  There are, however, things I want to write that may be of larger interest so I’m not ready to shut down this blog yet, or my personal one over at Simply Karen.

My other excuse is that I’ve been getting my church up and running with Web 2.0.  I set up the blog for them and have been trying to add audio and video in anticipation of this week’s unveiling.

Now, I’m sitting at the last keynote for Ed-Media 2007.  I spent yesterday at the conference.  There’s lots of energy among these mostly higher education folks.  But I’m struck by the fact that, in terms of technology, they are in exactly the same boat as K-12.  They get that the technology is out there, that our students are living in the world, but they haven’t figured out how to use it any better than the folks in the elementary and secondary classrooms.  I attended several presentations that discussed how to build a better portal or course management system to serve the needs of teachers and students.  I also chose two of the invited speakers.  John Cook discussed his work in the UK with Reusable Learning Objects.  And Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris described their work with handhelds.   But the only problem is that these are still pretty tech-centered.  There weren’t any compelling reasons for a non-techie teacher to adopt the technologies.


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