In Less Than A Decade

During the summer of 1998, my husband and I drove across the United State in our Tioga Arrow motor home, following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Besides using the web to do a lot of our planning, we used technology to record the trip, too. We took a Macintosh PowerBook and a Sony Mavica camera with us. We used Pagemill to create webpages and then stopped by Kinko’s to upload them and email our friends. We felt very cutting edge.

Now, we are planning a trip to San Antonio and another to Vancouver. I’m using a wiki page to keep track of the itinerary, my delicious account for web resources, and Google Earth to plot the maps. Of course, I also made my flight and car reservations on the web, too, but that seems really old at this point.

I anticipate being able to find wireless widely available. I have become very fond of public libraries since many of them offer wireless. But it’s also currently available at my credit union, too! And, I’ve heard from camping friends, that many campgrounds are offering it just like hotels.

And, the publishing tools are so much easier, too, allowing us to take advantage of the wide spread access. We’ll use our flickr account to upload pictures and put digital video on YouTube or my iWeb site.

Just for fun…here’s video from our last road trip:

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