Federal Way schools restrict Gore film

Federal Way schools restrict Gore film

After conservative parents complained, the Federal Way schools adopted a new policy towards this film in which teachers must get permission to show it and then include alternative views.  Since the parents who complained also believe that the world is only 14,000 years old and that the Bible provides actual information about how the world will end, I wonder what other alternative views they think should be provided?  For instance, when we teach about dinosaurs, do we also need to suggest that despite all evidence to the contrary, the Jurassic period could not possibly have happened?

This really, though, is a media literacy debate.  Students should be given both sides of this controversy and then allowed to make up their own minds say the protesters.  Really?  Since when did fundamentalists allow anyone to make up their own mind?  The goal here is to further an agenda that, IMHO, is out of touch with science and the real world.  Yes, there is controversy among scientists about global warming, although the recent news about polar bears seems to have at least convinced President Bush, but it seems pretty ridiculous that educators are expected to incorporate a Biblical view in the classroom?  And that the complains of some pretty right of center parents can influence everyone in a school division.


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