It’s Here!

My new computer was waiting for me when I got home.  I was a little concerned about the big hole in the side of the box but all seems to be fine.  True to all the Macs I’ve ever used, this was easy…got it up and running in just a few minutes.  I’m installing Final Cut Pro right now.  I’m actually working on the second installation since I accidently cut the power during the first installation…oops!

I’ve read through the first chapter of the Getting Started book and I think I have the basic idea of the process of using the program to organize and create video.  Final Cut Pro is part of the post-production process, and the book suggests there is a lot that goes on before you start post-production.  But since I’m working in the cinema verite mode and using already existing footage that was shot without any plan in place, I’m going to go right to the logging/capturing step.

I would really like to do something with the Lewis and Clark footage but it’s analog.  I’m going to start with some digital footage until I get comfortable with the process of logging and capturing clips.  I pulled a few tapes out of the drawer to get me started.  With a 500 gig hard drive just for storage, I have the luxury of grabbing as much tape as I want.  The manual, in fact, suggests that it is more typical for people to simply capture an entire tape because hard drive space has gotten so cheap.  I’ll log after I capture and look for some emergent theme for my first sequence.

I like the Final Cut Pro manual.  Several places they discuss the idea of getting your own workflow together and give several different ways of doing things like logging and capturing.  Software in general is pretty amazing in terms of allowing different users to interact with it in different ways.  And in this case, effective personal use of the software will make the project creation easier and potentially better.


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