NEO Blogging

Normally, my location is probably of no interest to anyone reading this blog. But, this post is all about location. I am sitting on my dock, which reaches out into Morris Creek, a fresh water tidal creek along which my husband and I own a piece of property. I want to record my thoughts about the water testing I’ve been doing for almost a decade. In order to do that, I am going to use a very handy piece of technology called a NEO.

Part word processor, part micro computer, the NEO is an Alphasmart product. I normally don’t bring any technology out to this undeveloped property about 30 minutes from our home. There is no electricity or running water, just a tent with some adirondack chairs and a spectacular view. The quiet peacefulness seems to preclude sitting in front of a computer, and I can see you shaking your head over this breach of the nature/technology border.

But, this morning, as we were leaving the house and I was making preparations for the water test (which was supposed to be the subject of my posting, not using a NEO at the property), I had some thoughts about adult learning in relationship to that test that I wanted to record. Alas, my husband was ready to go so I couldn’t escape to the office. While I always carry a small journal with me, it is generally reserved for shorter jottings and notes rather than a longer reflection piece. Also, handwriting can be laborious for me.

While I don’t eschew handwriting altogehter since every morning for the past six years, I have written three long-hand pages of reflection, a practice that Julia Cameron calls morning pages, those pages are meant to be very stream of consciousness with little concern for even legibility since it is rare to go back and read them. What I wanted to write today, however, is going to end up on the blog so being able to start with it in digital format would be much better. Plus, I think my voice comes out much more clearly when I type as I do it quickly enough that I can keep up with my thoughts. I hadn’t thought about my NEO for awhile, but I have some notetaking I want to do and with this I can do it anywhere, even on my dock or in the canoe.

I know…some of you are saying that I should really just take a break from learning and notetaking and enjoy the beautiful view. I do that a lot, really, I do. But I am a workaholic (actually, I’m considering adopting the term “learnaholic”) and this helps me continue that learning even in a wonderful place like this.

NB: I am at home now and transfering data from the NEO was quick and easy. Just opened a blank blog post, attached the NEO, and pressed send!


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