Adult Learning

This blog is going to take on a larger context and expand to include adult learning. While I am going to continue my independent study of media literacy throughout the fall, I am adding an adult education component as part of a course I am taking. It just makes sense, I think. I have been engaging in adult learning all summer. (BTW, I prefer “adult learning” to “adult education” to refer to this process. “Education” seems to carry institutional connotations with it.) Doing an independent study, especially an emergent one the way I have been doing, is as close to you get to self-directed learning in graduate school. (Although I should comment that I have been very satisfied with the way my profs have allowed me to customize paper topics and projects to align with my content area.)

I’ve been doing the introductory reading for the course and have also developed a competency model for my proposed documentary filmmaking project. A pdf of the inspiration is attached to this post. Just wanted to record some initial comments. I think I’ll post them as individual posts so its easier to follow threads.

Documentary Filmmaker Competency Model


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