Doing some notetaking before I return Growing Up Digital (Don Tapscott) to Swem.  I marked this quote as related to media literacy:

"They accept little at face value, probably because there is a medium to challenge things.  Unlke the TV generation which had no viable means to interact with media content, the N-GEneration has the tools to challenge ideas, people, statements–anything.  These youth love to argue and dbate.  They can instantly comment on any information they find with the click of a mouse…And they are constantly required to make a case for something.  They must then rely on their point of view, test it, and alter it if appropriate."  p. 88.

From the conclusion of that chapter on the N-Gen Mind:  "Overall, while there is much more to be learned, it appears that the doomsayer's view regarding how the Net is affecting child psychology is wrong.  Rather than the "neocortex eating itself," children appear to be developing their cognition, intellects, and abilities better.  From our research, the children of the digital age appear to be smart, accepting of diversity, curous, assertive, self-reliant, high in self-esteem, and global in orientation.  Evidence suggests they process information differently than their predecessors, they have new tools for self-development and making their way through adolescence." (p. 104)


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