The Space Issue…

Here's a random thought about old media versus new media: the space issue.  I just filled two grocery bags with printed copies of three different journals to which I subscribe.  All of them are available in digital format online to subscribers as well as through the databases at William and Mary.  Besides browsing through them when they arrive each month, they are really not all that helpful for research.  I kept one favorite and will recycle the rest of them.  But it only makes a small dent…the basket beside my bed is overflowing with all the print stuff I've received since the beginning of the year and there's another one in the hall bathroom.  I'm desperately trying to at least open them before I recycle.  And it's frustrating…sometimes I'm interested in the articles and sometimes I'm not.  But I might become interested at some future time.  That's when I'm going to ERIC to see what's available on the topic.  Only then will the article become important.  And, it will be available in digital format for download to my hard drive.  Much more space-friendly…and this from someone who lives in 1350 square feet.

Finally–since this is pretty long for a random thought…I have different attachments to different types of media.  I can give up magazines without a problem…but I love books.  Don't like reading online.  And right now lots of my books are in the boxes in the garage.  I went looking for one yesterday and felt a real pang of loss…I miss my books…


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